Music visualisation (Goom) not working properly


after updating to kodi 19 on the vero4k+ the Goom music visualisation worked properly. Since then I haven’t listend to music anymore, just recently started again. So I am not sure which version introduced the problem:
The problem currently is, that after the visualisation starts the album picture, the song title information as well as the progress bar, play/pause, fw,bw (is it called playbar?) is not vanishing anymore automatically. When manually switching information on and off (with the “i” in the playbar) and pressing the back button twice, only the visualisation is displayed on screen. However when the next song is played the progressbar appears again without vanishing again. Going into the playbar and pressing “i” has no effect anymore. Pressing back returns the player to the directory listing.
Setting the default configs for Goom and manually switching displaying album info on/off; showing info only when next song is played, has not helped solving the issue.

Can anybody reproduce this problem? Or is it just me having it?

Thanks for suggestions…

Found the problem.
While checking the issue today again, when the next song started and the progress bar, title number showed up again and did not vanish again, I pressed on the remote the “i” button. The progress bar vanished and now everything works properly again. Yesterday I only checked and tried the configs and “i” item in the playbar, not the “i” button on the remote.
Seems that the remote “i” button status is “saved” somewhere…

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