Music Visualization on Vero 4k

Hi guys,

I have been trying to get any form of music visualization to work on the Vero 4K, unfortunately I have not been very succesfull yet.

I am running the v18 Leia test build, and tried to install the Shadertoy Music Visualization via the popcornmix repo, however, I am getting errors when starting music playback. Is it not supported anymore? Are there other music visualizations that work on the platform?

Thanks in advance!

The shadertoy visiualizations are currently not supported on the Vero4k

They are hit and miss

I understand they can be hit and miss, but currently, there is not a single working one?

I have them (mostly) working on V17. I have not tried them on V18.

Hey, sorry for dredging up this old thread again, but I haven’t been able to get any visualizations working at all on my vero4k. To anyone who’s gotten one working (hi @bmillham !) would you mind detailing how you accomplished it?

My favorite was always ProjectM, and before that in the ancient winamp times it was g-force. Would love to get something similar working, but would settle for just anything at all.

Main issue is that I still use a nice plasma tv and prefer not to have static images on the screen. Screensaver is one option at this point during music playback, but then I don’t get any music info on screen when it plays the next queued track, plus it’s boring.

Alternatively, I can select the Shadertoy visualizer, toggle “use visualizer during music” in screensaver settings, and then when the screensaver kicks in during playback I get track information which retracts and a plain black screen underneath. This is my best option at the moment, but the black screen is, again, boring.

Thanks for any help.

Sorry but it was probably a year ago when I set them up, so I don’t remember what I did. I don’t remember having to do anything special other than just install them.