Mute on a vero 4k with osmc remote

Hi, I have a the vero4k with the remote and I absolutely love it. The only thing i can’t work out is how to mute the volume from the remote. Am I missing something really simple here?

I don’t think you are. I’ve always wondered about that as it would be really useful. One for @darwindesign.

There isn’t something in the menu? pressing enter brings up the osd over the picture and I thought there might be something in there I missed

Kodi has a mute, but a button in the gui isn’t something I remember seeing added to any skin I’ve played with. The default mappings for the remote do not have the mute action but it is certainly possible to add one. If you can inform me of exactly where you need it to function (full screen video playback? everywhere?) and what button you want to repurpose for this, I can help you get it done. You may want to read through this guide which covers the path you would need to take…

Do note that if you assign a long-press action to a button it disables repeat so sticking a mute on top of the volume buttons wouldn’t normally be a good option even though it may at first seem like a viable choice.

Hi Darwindesign,
I’ll have a look at the keymap, i should be able to get it done if the guide is clearish. I just wanted to make sure I was not missing something obvious, I have never seen a remote without a mute, even the first one with a cord to the tv lol

If you had a remote for a regular TV that was playing OTA then a mute button is how you would normally temporarily shut it up. On a media player where you have pause and stop available to you those are normally what is used. There of course are edge cases where the mute is handy but I’m not sure on this particular remote that default mapping a mute when we don’t have a hard button dedicated to the function is going to be the best choice for the general masses.

It is because i got the dtv decoder as well and now everything goes through one interface. I just love it, I am so chuffed :slight_smile: but I miss the mute on live tv, I was’t expecting a button, just something in the osd that comes up around the playing show

Sounds like you need to round that into a DVR so you have the ability to pause live TV as well :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

It is possible to edit a skin to add it to the GUI but that is much more complicated and not something that anyone on this forum is likely to want to help with.

Do note that you can also use other remotes with the Vero.

I have the pause stuff working through the tvheadend. It’s so I can watch the football with the inane commentary off, so pausing it won’t work very well lol

I think the “OK” button long-press may be a good option to do this mute with. The keymap you would need to add to Kodi is…

			<return mod="longpress">mute</return>
			<return mod="longpress">mute</return>

You would need to manually add this keymap as the Keymap Editor add-on is not capable of adding this function. If you want this to happen only for live TV and not other Video content then you can leave out the “FullscreenVideo” section.

Also note that there is a limitation to this mute function in that it seems that Kodi only mutes PCM audio and unlike with the volume +/- it does not send CEC commands to your TV. As such if you have passthrough enabled in your system audio settings then any audio that is being bitstreamed does not get muted. Scratch that. Bit of a brain fart that I was doing a quick test on my one box without working CEC :man_facepalming: Tested it on a another setup with CEC and an AVR and CEC mute does get sent.

thanks, I’ll give it a crack in the morning

I rather have an on and off button than a mute

With the newest update the Vero (I don’t know if it also works on the Pi) goes into a sleep mode when you turn off your TV (assuming your TV supports CEC), so I guess its behaviour is now alike devices like FireTVs, Apple TVs etc. With Kodi you have at least the option on the home screen to shut the device down completely. Streaming devices don’t usually give you that option. But then again you need to replug the power cord to turn it on.

I added that function with the long-press update last year. If you enable the activating source and sleep functions in CEC settings then the home button on the remote will turn on a TV by pressing it a two or three times (It is mapped to the home screen so once to dismiss screen saver, once to get to the home screen if your not already there, and when pressed on the home screen it sends the signal for the TV to turn on and switch to the Vero’s input). When your on the home screen you can hold down the home button on the remote and it will send a signal to your TV to turn off.