Mutiple problems: audio skips, green screen, audio lag

I suspect a post with multiple problems called out is probably not encouraged but I’m posting it all as one because I’m unsure were to start.

For the past few months my device has been all but unusable:

  1. audio skips about every 30 seconds
  2. frequent green screen when rewinding or even when just viewing a video for more than a few minutes
  3. when both audio and video are “working” the audio is ahead of the video by perhaps 5 second, the video appears to be at about .5x-.75x

Sometimes a reboot will help with the green screen issue but little else.

Thoughts about where to start?

The guys will find it easier to help you if you post some debug logs. If you’re not sure how to do this, see How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC under “Providing diagnostic logs”.

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Do you have a sample file which triggers the problem? I know I had similar problems with some video streams, where there was transmissions or bad encoding problems that triggered the hardware decoder to miss sync and sometime even crash to green screen. But I have never personally had that with local media.

Another good idea is to provide some mediainfo on a file that is problematic:

This site doesn’t save anything on their servers, they load the analysing software in your browser. So you select the file, it runs the analyzing in your browser and presents the result, click copy to clippboard and paste here. Use the " -tool above. Mark the “Blockquote” and paste your media info.

> Blockquote

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Just looping back through this for posterity…

I don’t have much time to be debugging this and the device had been initially set up more than a year ago with lots of activity since then. In the end I just did a “factory reset” – rm -rf ~/.kodi – and it seems to be behaving (better?) now. At least the video playback is keeping up with the audio. We’ll see if the green screen thing returns.

thx all.

That’s good.

Is it possible you restored your Kodi directory from another device or very old version of OSMC?

If deleting just the Kodi userdata directory helped then it sounds like a configuration problem was the cause.