Mux Status PEND

Hi @ll,

I installed OSMC on a RPi 2 and activated tvheadend. I connected DVB-S2 Stick PCTV 461e and can see it as tv adapter. After creating a network and adding the network to tv adapter I can see status “PEND” in Muxes. Anything I can do? Could somebody help me?

Sorry for my bad English.

I believe this means that scanning of that mux is pending. TVHeadend uses background scanning and this just means that the scan (for new services) has not yet completed


Did you try a “force scan” under the Networks tab:

I hope this will be usefull for somebody. I had the same issue.
This Link leads to FW file for this USB TV Stick. It has to be copied to /lib/firmware/ to make the Stick working correctly.
Maybe Sam can put it by default in this directory in next release?

I will add this to the list of changes to make to our DVB firmware.