My 2 Vero 4K do not work today : black screen


This morning, my 2 Vero 4K do not work.
My TVs screens stay black and the HDMI signal seems not sent to TV.

I can connect to Vero 4K by SSH and FTP. So it seems that OSMC is the problem.

Is there an (auto) update of OSMC last night ? If so, how can I go back ?

Thanks for the help

Provide logs grab-logs -A so we can tell.

Also have you tried swapping HDMI cables?

Here are the logs :

HDMI cables are Ok.

By the way: the led is off.
I don’t know if it can help.

There was no software change since June on your system>

Start-Date: 2020-06-13  11:38:13
Commandline: /usr/bin/apt-get-real -o APT::Status-Fd=4 -o APT::Keep-Fds::=5 -o APT::Keep-Fds::=6 -y purge vero364-image-3.14.29-157-osmc
Purge: vero364-image-3.14.29-157-osmc:arm64 (157)
End-Date: 2020-06-13  11:38:16

---------------------- APT history.log END --------------- B8sj7DO8

So it’s a bit strange why you suddenly don’t get a picture

I really do not understand…
Suddenly, my 2 Vero 4K are ok…

I’ve done nothing for it… Except restart and launch your command on one of it.
Really strange.

Thank’s for the help…

Maybe this is totally irrelevant, but there were some recent grub updates due to a new exploit that could cause some devices to stop booting.

EDIT: never mind, you could reach it over ssh.

We don’t use GRUB on the Vero, instead using UBoot as our bootloader.


Have you checked the power supply?