My experience with ATV1 with CrystalHD

Just got my hands on a ATV1 with CrystalHD. I’ve finally got OSMC installed and ran into bugs and work around that might help newbies. I am only testing PLEX.

  • OSMC 2017.01-1-USB or HDD version for CrystalHD
  • OSMC will not display on my 720p Westinghouse after install. I had to change the display resolution settings to 720p using a Sony TV 1080p. Afterwards, I was able to use my 720p Westinghouse TV.
  • Having CrystalHD, I was barely able to stream with Plex a 1080p movie. It handles 720p fine.
  • Without CrystalHD (my 2nd ATV), it cannot handle 1080p at all.
  • USB WiFi works 100%
  • Change Audio Output setting to Intel HDMI to get sound

Other OS I’ve tried

  • Kinos Kodi Jarvis 16.1 with CrystalHD support
  • Kinos was able to stream 1080p fully without stutter.
  • Kinos was able to support 720p after install.
  • It doesn’t have USB WiFi support so I went back to OSMC. I tested with Ethernet.
  • Change Audio Output setting to Intel HDMI to get sound

That’s the extend of my testing. If there’s any wrong info, please let me know and I will edit.

Kinos is based on Crystalbuntu (predecessor of osmc); so may be more lightweight.

Apple TV is now end of life, as it was no longer viable to support the project.

Thank you!
OSMC definitely brought a 11 years old tech back to life
I was using an MacBook Air to steam PLEX without remote.

Apple TV with OSMC works much better for my purpose.