My expirience with Vero 4k


just wanna share what I’m missing in Vero 4k. First of all thanks a lot - Vero 4k came very close to be an ideal player.

But now pain ponts:

  • first of all it is 3D MVC support! It is promised to be in next release for over a year already!! Please do - this is the only feature that keeping me from retire my old RPi player. Please, please, please!!!

  • second point - no support for 4k BD disks. For the player with 4k in the name it looks really bad. The only way for me to watch 4k BD is to extract the video to MKV. Or go into STREAMS and play TS file directly, but in this case there is no information on audio/subtitles tracks. Can you imagine a frustration when you need to choose from 22 unknown subtitle tracks :slight_smile: ? And of course the most ideal would be to watch 4k BD menus as well (as it is working with FHD - I can choose either to play a film or go to the menu)

  • next point is rather a feature request. Vero 4k has optical out with which I’m very happy, BUT - optical output can not handle DTS-MA or Atmos output. But in Kodi I can set audio configuration only once - which is naturaly set to 7.1 passthrough what I need for the receiver. The ideal situation would be if I’d be able to set different configurations for HDMI and optical out - 7.1 passthrough for HDMI and 5.1 PCM for tosslink. Setting tosslink to 5.1 PCM if a configuration for HDMI is higher will also work, although not that nice.

  • minor issue - when playing SD or HD content it gets upscaled by Vero to FHD. As the TV has much better upscalers I would prefer to always “passthrough” the video without any upscaling/processing.

  • and the last quite minor issue - HDR HLG support. I really can live without it, but it is nice to have.

When this list (or at least the 3 first ones) of issues is solved to my belive Vero can be called the best player in this World :).

PS. There are also two wishes for future hardware release - it is 1G Ethernet and with PoE support.


Thanks for the feedback.

This is still being worked on.

These changes need to come from libbluray and Kodi upstream. I believe there is work on this, so it’s something that will be possible in the future.

This has been requested before. Unfortunately it’s not possible for us to detect if the SPDIF is actually being used; which makes the possibilities for limiting. I would recommend setting number of channels to 2 and enabling passthrough for all formats. You should then always get the core via the SPDIF and HD formats via HDMI without having to reconfigure regularly.

There is already some work on this: see ‘Adjust Resolution’ testing in the Testing and Development forum. It causes some issues with 1080p content however, so is not included by default yet.

It’s possible for us to add support for this in the future, but this is much lower on the list of priorities.



Hi Sam,

tried this one. My experience is when passthrough is set to on it does not matter which sound configuration I use 2.0 or 5.1 - on SPDIF I have no sound if DTS-HD or Atmos source played. With no sound I mean there is no sount from my headset, which can handle up to 5.1 plain DTS or DD.

Kind regards,


Is there any difference if you disable support for DTS-HD etc in settings so that only Dolby Digital (DD) and DTS are enabled?