My journey to Vero 4k+

Story continued:

Vero now cost me more than 2k $ as I purchased LG C8 65" to enjoy 4k movies :-D. So my current setup:

TV: LG OLED C8 65"
Audio: Onkyo TX SR 508 connected using HDMI 2 (HDMI ARC)
The magic box: Vero 4k+ with ridiculously thick HDMI 2.1 cable connected to TV.

After my journey with bad HDMI cables, just use the one bundled with Vero. I ended up with HDMI 2.1 cable since I needed 2m long and I did not want to play with cheap junk anymore. Thread here: HDR Autoswitch causing issues on my LG OLED65C8 - #127 by kaspik

The configuration mistakes I did that are not obvious:

  1. The GUI resolution should be set to 1080p (System->Resolution->Display 1920x1080p, 60hz refresh rate). And then Auto refresh rate should be enabled (Player->Videos->Adjust Display Refresh Rate set to ALWAYS) Source: Best settings for refresh rate?

  2. I enabled audio passthrough (I’m using ARC to Onkyo) and some videos did not play all channels. AC3 transcoding did the trick. Audio setup and information The reason is I have just 1.4a HDMI on my receiver.

So far the only thing I don’t like is I don’t see DTS-HD icons on my receiver anymore :). But it’s not vero fault :).