Best settings for refresh rate?

I have the Vero 4k, with a sony x900e that has a 120hz refresh rate.
In Settings–> player–>video on the Vero I have Adjust Display Refresh Rate set to ALWAYS.
Under System for Display I have it set as Windowed, 1920x1080p, and 24 for the refresh rate.
Enable HDR auto switching is on also.

I watch a mix of 1080p TV and movies and 4k movies.

Do i need to set that at the higher rate of 60 and/or use the 2160 resolution?

If Adjust Display Refresh Rate == Always or Start/Stop then the refresh rate will match the rate of the source material. No need to set the GUI to 2160 or worry about the 120hz rate.

Support for HFR (120Hz) could be added in a new update. AML have sent a proof of concept too.

Great, thanks guys.

120hz would be awesome. I think that means I could run 24p material on my Acer XB271HU without 2:3 pulldown, - by doing 5:5 pulldown. I can’t right now with any Vero 4K model because the monitor doesn’t support 23.976hz/24hz natively refresh natively.

But, if 120hz is a reality, I can run the monitor at that refresh.

Which option is better for the ‘Adjust Display Refresh Rate’, ‘Always’ or ‘Start/Stop’?

Start/Stop is what most people use.

Start/Stop. That means it will only change once: at the start of the file. “Always”, if it’s a badly encoded file (or intentionally encoded this way), means it can change during the episode, which would be objectionable to most. I’ve actually come across a few files like that. For a while I couldn’t figure out why my display was blanking every now and then.


Thanks for the clarification!

A more common scenario, I think, is that if you go into the menus and settings while the video is still playing (e.g. by pressing the Back button), with the “Start/Stop” setting the GUI will be rendered at the same refresh rate as the video; but with the “Always” setting it will switch refresh rates as you go to and fro between menus and video.

Ah yes, that’s also true, and much more of a common scenario.

When I read this, it sounds the ‘Always’ setting is better because it will always adjust. Or I am wrong now?