My new Vero is Dead on Arrival

After many months… I finally received my Vero. Unfortunately, it was dead on arrival.

I have connected the Vero to HDMI, Ethernet and Power. The device receives power (the SPDIF red light comes on), but there is no output to HDMI. My monitor just says No Signal. I tried reloading the SD card just in case that was the issue but that was no help.

How do I RMA? And how can I avoid shipping fees and paying customs again?
The customs fee to Canada was $41.89 if you can believe it! I think they charged extra because there wasn’t a declaration card itemizing the contents.


Hi Martyn,

The proper procedure for RMA is to email

It’s possible just your SD card is bad, not the device itself. Do you have a spare one at hand to rule things out? Obviously if the card is bad we will ship you a new one, but it’s great if you can rule out the card being the culprit.

What you want to see ideally is the red light on the SPDIF go off (which means that the bootloader code has run). If it does not go off, the SD card has not been read.

We state the product and the value of the product on the front of the package – this is actually a requirement for it to be shipped outside of the EU.


Thanks for the quick reply Sam. I just tried another SD card. Unfortunately same results. The red light never goes off.
I will follow up with

It’s luck of the draw when it comes to customs and Canada Post - they didn’t charge me anything on my Vero.


Have you tried without wired connection ? I had same issue ( red light no response ) and as soon as I unplugged the cable it was fine - set it up and added the wired connection manually.

No. I hadn’t tried that. I always had the Network cable plugged in.
I had the device packaged up and ready to ship for a couple days and just hadn’t made it to the post office.
I will try that tonight before I mail it back. I really hope that’s the solution!


Unfortunately booting it without the network cable didnt work either. It is in the mail for RMA.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

mines just done the same after 2 weeks so suspect I had a problem all along.