My order was refunded without explanation...?

I ordered a psu and a remote and the order was refunded today, can’t see any explanation given? #3550

… I need them still!

Hi Alex,

I did send you an email to your address to your GMail account.

Unfortunately we don’t have any stock at this time and I don’t want to hold your money, so issued you a full refund.

Chip shortages are causing problems at this time.



As per your post, I’ve made a change so that any order that cannot be fulfilled in a prompt timeframe will trigger an email to be sent to the customer 72 hours after the order has not been shipped, offering a delivery date or a refund.



Ok- So is there no where i can get a PSU?

You can order a generic PSU from Amazon or some other supplier. It just needs to be 5V, 2A with a 5.5mm center positive barrel jack.

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