My osmc crashes / is not responding for hours


I’m running OSMC on a Raspberry Pi 2B. I’m using it for music playing, but it also runs other programs like PiHole.
Sometimes, my installation seem to crash or at least not responding for hours. Most of the time, this happens during music playing.
It first stutters and then it stops completely.
My question is: how can I investigate the cause? It could be, for example, corruption or not enough memory.

Can someone help me by explaining how I can investigate the problem?


It might be because of one of the other programs like Pi-Hole.

If it occurs again, you will need to SSH to the Pi and run a command from the command line: grab-logs -A. Then post the URL returned by the grab-logs command.
It seems to me this is a memory problem. Am I just running to much other programs?

Yes, you’re trying to get too much into such a small device.

Ok, finally a good reason to install my Vero 4K+ :slight_smile:

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