MY OSMC not working properly

Have been unable to update to January release on a Raspberry 2 with confluence. The automatic update has not worked. When I go into My OSMC to do a manual update I get an add-on error see logs message. When I go to the log uploader I again get the add-on error message. Even getting into My OSMC is proving difficult having to request it multiple times before it opens. Even an SSH update would not complete coming up with an error.

In addition the card I did for my daughter on a Raspberry 1 and confluence lost the wifi connect and when I went to reset it I had trouble getting into My OSMC - having to ask multiple times and then when it did access it would close again. I finally got it up and when I asked it to connect to the wifi it almost made it and then went to a sad face.

Strange that two cards in different houses and on different device types are having the same problem with MY OSMC. Any thoughts??

Enable debug logging
Try to access in MyOSMC what is not working
SSH into you device and upload logs with grab-logs -A

Not now possible since the wifi on both cards has been lost and My OSMC will not allow re access.

Than I am not sure how you expect us to help. Suggest to temporarily connect an ethernet cable to be able to find out whats wrong.