My OSMC on Matrix (python3)


I’ve started to work towards running My OSMC Add-on on Matrix, python 3.

I’d like to align my work with a team working with OSMC, to have a chance to submit changes to the public repo and to help Kodi get to Matrix faster.

I couldn’t find any information on what and how everything is done in the main repository osmc/osmc. I can see a few branches named towards that direction - buster, Python3Conversion, toPython3. But all of them are stale, half a year old branches. So I guess that master branch is now the branch on which all work towards buster and Matrix is done. (Last release notes stated, that 18.9 is the final release in v18, so my guess is based on that too). But I see that there’s some job done reverting code towards v18 on master [package] [mediacenter-addon-osmc] Use v18 version of add-on
As I can see some work is done on StormTrooper/osmc repository. And Kodi 19 (Matrix) nightly builds for Raspberry Pi post states, that it takes gmc-19 code from StormTrooper’s repository.
So, please help me get into MyOSMC development :slight_smile: and understand which repository should get my changes and how will it be managed now (while v19 still in beta) and later when v19 (Matrix) will get to live.

So, long story short - which repository should I use, and should I keep MyOSMC backward compatible (v18) or go straight to python 3, without trying to have ir working on 2 and 3?

That’s about repositories. Now let’s dig into code.
I’d like to know what are/were the plans of the original My OSMC father towards code reuse, generalization, and similar.
I have a plan to refactor a code to reuse common things under script.module.osmccommon (for example the logging part, some smaller common stuff).
I’ve seen a comeback of ElemenTree, but that must be because of python 2, as xml.etree.elementtree came to life just in 3.3. So no question about that :slight_smile:

So, guys, let’s get acquainted. I’ll do my best to work towards your guidelines and towards the common goal - to get Matrix (a bit) faster to life.

AFAIK, Python v3 compatability for My OSMC has already been implemented on our side.

Maybe @anxdpanic or @karnage can shed some more light regarding the state of the addon.

The port is essentially already done. A couple minor fixups left, and pull in some recent changes then just testing again.

My work is located GitHub - anxdpanic/osmc at package-addons

Ah, perfect! Thank you for your great work then! :slight_smile: