My OSMC/ Pi configuration/Display Features

The My OSMC/ Pi configuration/Display page allows you to edit various HDMI parameters, but my understanding is that these only need to be changed if you have problems with the display, which case you will not be able to view this page to change them without the hassle of changing displays, using a shorter HDMI lead etc.

On the other hand it is not possible to change the overscan settings other than by editing the config.txt display - on the cheapo TV I am using to set up OSMC some menu & information items are only half visible.

Would it be sensible to exchange the HDMI setting entries for overscan settings?

There are a lot of problems that manifest in an incorrect display, rather than no display.

Isn’t over-scan handled by the Kodi screen calibration?

If not, we can look to add over-scan items. It is just overscan_left, _right, _top, _bottom correct? What would the maximum number of pixels be?

@ Karnage - agreed my statement was a bit of an over-simplification, but It is not just no display that would make the this page unuseable. I suppose it is a matter of opinion as to which parameters are going to get the most use, and hence are worth including on this screen.

With regards to overscan, I was not aware of the Kodi calibration/overscan feature - as usual having been told of its existence and name I was able to find it in the Kodi wiki, and have tried it out. It does have the benefit of being relatively user-friendly, but I assume it has the following disadvantages:

  1. I assume it only applies to Kodi and if any other application is used (including display of log messages!)where information may be lost.
  2. I think I am right in saying that Kodi does not support picture expansion, whereas the native Pi overscan values can be negative to allow the picture to be expanded.

Some more technical differences between the two methods are discussed in, many of which go over the top of my head!

In terms of your questions on the Pi overscan control, my config.txt includes:


I think the last entry is needed if the overscan corrections are to apply to applications such as Kodi rather than just Raspian.