My OSMC radial menu

Hi guys, I love the original skin, but is it possible to have My OSMC menu which is vertical or horizontal, not radial?
I feel that that change would make it easier to navigate.
It would be nice if it would change appearance with the skin used!

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When did you last update?
My installations have been with MyOSMC menu horizontal for a while now

I’ve got 2015.08-1 and it’s radial.
Have I missed some setting to make it horizontal?

This might be a question of detail:
For me, if I click on MyOSMC, I get the radial display
but if I merely move the cursor over MyOSMC, then I get a horizontal set of selectable icons

I’ve tried it under Confluence, MyOSMC is in the submenu of System (Home screen)
When I click on it it’s radial.
I was hoping there was a way for it to be vertical or horizontal (maybe an option so users can choose?).

This is only on OSMC skin

I figured as much, it would be very useful if it could changed to horizontal or vertical.

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I agree. I don’t use the OSMC skin and I find the radial menu of MyOSMC to be a triumph of form over function and not at all intuitive to use with a remote.