My OSMC remote controllers no longer work

I just received my Vero 4k+ in the mail a few days ago. I set it up with the OSMC remote control included in the package, and it did not work at all. Fortunately, I had another OSMC remote control I used for my Raspberry Pi 3b. I plugged the dongle in for that remote and it worked. A few minutes later, KODI froze. So I removed the power plug and plugged it back in. Now my second OSMC remote no longer works in the Vero4K+ or my Raspberry Pi 3b. Ditto with the remote included in the package. Now the only controller I can use is a keyboard/mouse, but I’m using a USB hub to connect it, hoping to avoid any possible “accidents”.

I suspect both remotes are bricked and a faulty Vero 4K+ USB port is the cause.

Is there a way to arrange for a replacement?

My order is #38144


I’d suggest posting some logs and trying to re-pair the remote.

Thanks Sam,

Some good news and bad news. I’ve successfully re-paired the Raspberry Pi 3b remote. But the remote in the package won’t initiate the blue LED light when holding down HOME and OK. I don’t know if the problem is the remote or a bad battery since I don’t have a battery tester for lithium ion batteries. I’ll try a brand new battery later this week and see if this solves the problem. I’ll report back if this works or not.

For testing you could just swap the battery with the one from the Pi.
Also I assume you removed the transport safety from the new remote?

It would also be good to see some logs. This will let us know if there are obvious malfunctions with the RF receiver.



Sorry- couldn’t resist.
Unhelpful, agreed but humorous tho

As there’s been no update for a several days, I can only assume the issue is resolved.


It’s resolved.

I put a new battery in the package remote controller. It works fine now.

I’m glad to hear this.