"My OSMC" shouldn't open more than once

If you hit “My OSMC” it takes a while until it starts. Because of that you can easily start 5 or more instances (on vero2) or even over 20 (on slowly reacting raspberry). It’s a real pain to close every single one so OSMC should check whether an instance on “My OSMC” is running (or starting) before creating a new process.

Thank you

What gives you the impression that multiple instances are being opened?

Every time you hit [Return] the Screen closes just to reveal another already opened My OSMC Screen. And you can have quite a lot of them that you need to close.

[Return] is not [Close]

It’s simply refreshing the screen and returning to the same instance.

I mean this little ‘back’-arrow (on the left of the osmc remote). It closes as many My OSMC screens as you opened before.
So if you clicked once it will bring you back to the main screen. If you hit My OSMC twice you need to press the arrow button twice to get back and so on…
There is simply no reason why this button shouldn’t bring you back to ‘main’ with one press. Instead you get the same page over and over again.

There is something in place to prevent multiple windows opening, but it itself requires some code to run. The fact is MyOSMC ISNT running when you are clicking the button.

If you are accessing MyOSMC immediately after boot, give the system a few minutes to finish its housekeeping before doing anything. (And then don’t switch off the device after each use. I really dont understand why people insist on doing that when they dont really have to.)

Stop clicking 20 times. Click once or twice and wait. If you want to mash buttons, then hit the Back button multiple times when you want to close the window.

I’ll see what we can do for My OSMC 2.0