My OSMC - Updates: "No categories available"

Vero 4K+ user. Last week I received a prompt to update and reboot my system, which I dismissed. When I later tried going to My OSMC -> Updates to update manually, it simply showed the message “No categories available.”

Today I got the prompt to update and reboot again, and this time I chose OK. After the reboot, I am now on the October 2019 update, but going to My OSMC -> Updates still gives the “No categories available” message.

Any insight on what might have happened here and how to fix it? Thanks in advance.

Please can you take a photo of this ‘No categories available’ message? I’m not sure where that could appear.

Are you sure it doesn’t say ‘No updates available’ (which would be correct, if you are on the October 2019 version)

Here’s the message that I get. This is the screen that appears immediately after I select the Updates icon from My OSMC. Thanks for the help.

That’s very odd. Can you enable debug logging repeat the steps and upload logs.