My OSMC wish list

  1. Built in remote control instead of Dongle, frees up a usb port or another USB port
  2. bigger box with more space for air flow (I’ve seen my CPU go up to 190, still probably safe but I rather have it cooler than that)
  3. 2 Built in HDD (2x16 TB) this be nice!!!

Probably won’t happen, but you know my wish list now!

Thanks for the great support

That is definitely a unique list of wants. I feel like you just described a desktop computer running OSMC. I’d bet on $1,000 for the device you’re describing.

I’m with you for the built-in RF transceiver

Hard disks would be a different market segment. But I can’t see Sam producing a new box without USB3.

Thanks for the feedback. We always take it in to consideration.


For CRT users I’d like to see:

  • An option in the installer where you can select what kinda screen you’re using before re-booting. This would help me as the default resolution is 1080p, which cannot be displayed on my 100Hz, 480p CRT (or using component cables - which should be a fair indication that I’m not aiming for 1080p). Also if I load-up my box on an LCD monitor, I can’t select 100Hz 480p (possibly because it’s an unsupported resolution on my LCD monitor?)

  • Some sort of a key combo for a ‘safe resolution’ mode. Dunno what it’d be given the diversity of monitors but if you get a black screen due to the resolution not being supported by your CRT TV, it would be great to be able to (for example) spit out a 240p, no frills GUI that enables you to select an appropriate resolution.

Side note… based on the wiki, the GUI’s settings for component cables seem to be either 1080p or 720p with the content itself being resized to a pillarboxed 480p if that’s what I want. Is this correct?

Basing this off Configuring component output - Apple TV - OSMC

The suggestion is that ‘component’ can do either 720p or 1080p. If I set “TVStandard” to 480p, would I get any wins there? (The wiki does not document it as being an option).

The Apple TV is no longer supported anymore and we don’t plan to introduce any further updates for this platform.

I don’t imagine we have many users in 2023 that are using CRT sceeens.

To be fair retro gamers like these CRT :wink:

Sure – they are good for retro-gaming; but the Apple TV won’t do a good job of that. Probably better off picking up an old Win9x box.

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