My problems with Vero & 3D

Played with Vero for several day. Frankly speaking my first impression - it does not worth 1/10 of the price I’ve paid for it.
Because things that works perfectly on RPi for 1/10 of Vero price does not work with Vero. In fact RPi B2 model, which is more than 5 times chipper looks much better to me.
One of such things is 3D suport. On RPi if I start to play Movie.3D.HSBS.mkv it switches my TV automaticaly to 3D mode and everything is just fine.
With Vero TV stays in 2D mode, I’ve got a screen split into two parts - in left one hsbs picture, the right one is just black. No manipulation with whatever settings does not help.
Both Vero & RPi are running OSMC RC2


The 3D SBS support is going to be added very shortly.

3D MVC support is not on the roadmap


Pitty. At the moment 20 euro RPi wins against over 200 euro Vero. I’m trying to find out why Vero is better and the only advantage of the Vero a.t.m. is faster network. But since I’m playing content from USB disk not a real plus point for me.

15 days since your last posted. I don’t know have you solved this 3D problem yet, I don’t know what 3D model TV have you got but my Samsung Smart TV worked fine. The only strange thing is I have to disable 3D funtion on Kodi when its played and just turn on the 3D funtion on the TV. It worked fine with files from USB and from Robinhood 2.1.1 addons

Looks like you just dont understand the issue. RPi when file is properly named send to TV framepacking stream, which turns TV automatically to 3D mode. Of course with Vero I can still use 3D button on TV remote to switch it in desired mode. But the difference is that $20 RPi works for this case better, than $200 Vero.
Frankly speaking till now I did not found anything in Vero what can justify 10 times price difference.

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The issue with 3D files playback is not fixed in RC3.