My remote isn't working anymore

Hi everyone,
everything with my remote was fine, but one day it just stopped working. I think that problem was with new OSMC version but it wasn’t. I tried:

  • downgrade to OSMC 2015.07 and OSMC 2015.06
  • change HDMI cable
  • change HDMI port on TV
  • factory reset on TV
  • factory reset on OSMC

With no luck. Everything worked before. I did not change anything. I have no idea where is the problem and would be grateful for any advice.

My config is:

  • Raspberry Pi 2 with OSMC 2015.08
  • Panasonic TX-P42S10E

Which remote do you use?
Do you use CEC?

I’m using remote originally supplied to TV (Panasonic), of course with CEC. A few days ago everything worked properly.

Unplug the TV, Pi and AVR at the mains for a few minutes


Don’t know how but it works. Thanks a lot!