My (short) experience with Vero

I would like to post my Vero review here. I tried to post it on the Kodi forum yesterday evening but it seems the Vero Kodi thread was locked or maybe I could not post as new user.

Bought my Vero on 25/11/2014 via

Sam it has been a long wait but boy has it been worth it

Delivery and packing

I got a tracking number and one day later it arrived at my work, I was happy with this because I changed my shipping address just a few days ago and was worried I would have to pick it up from the depot as no one would be at home but good service there.

Item was packed well and sealed thoroughly

Build quality

Saw another review but it did not mention the build quality. You only appreciate the size of the Vero when you open the box. It is tiny

Everything seems well put together and I had no faults with the device.

Set up

I checked the quick start guide but it pretty much just said plug it in and go and it wasn’t lying. It said ‘installing’ for about 5 minutes and then i got asked to specify my language and set up wifi.

Features and performance

It is quite fast I must say. Press a video and it will play instantly. Vero seems to play every video I can imagine and the GUI is very fast. I think it is faster since updating so make sure you do it as the quick start guide says

I have been playing TV from MythTV backend without any problems.

OSMC comments

I like OSMC because it is fast and really an improvement over Raspbmc or OpenELEC on my Raspberry but the skin is not to my tastes, so I changed that to Aeon which is my favourite. It seems to run just fine on Vero

The App Store seemed a bit light but i am sure that will get some more apps soon

A good purchase and i am glad i got the early backers discount

I have some questions about finding a good NAS but will make a new post.


I got mine yesterday too and was also very happy with packaging and build quality. The Vero was smaller than I expected and the remote was larger than I thought it’d be, but has rubber buttons and feels higher quality than I expected.

note: remote requires battery CR2032 not included. (update: Sam confirmed battery is included)

HDMI lead was included, nice surprise.

HDMI-CEC is not working yet, Sam’s confirmed this is coming in an upcoming update soon. This allows you to use your TV remote (if your TV has HDMI-CEC support).

With lack of remote options I needed to plug in a usb keyboard to get set up and then switched to using the Android Yatse remote which works over wifi:

Battery was included here, must have been a glitch in the assembly.

update: yeah Sam’s messaged me, battery should be included.

If you’re really dumb, like me, you fail to observe the little plastic tab to rremove the battery isolation on the remote, and then wonder why it doesn’t work.
That apart I’m impressed with the build.
When I can get my bluetooth keyboard connected, I’ll be ecstatic.

We have bluetooth keyboards working in an internal build - shouldn’t be too much longer until we can push that via a software update.

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I notice you say that you have been playing TV from MythTV backend

Can I ask a little bit about your setup. What do you use to pick up the TV signal and which things do you install/enable on your Vero.

Many thanks