My small experience with ATV1 and OSMC

Hello everybody. Sorry for my english. I’m using Google translator. I’m not a programmer, but rather an advanced user.
Many thanks sam_nazarko for this wonderful project, I found it only a week ago. It is a great pity that he stops support :frowning:

My little experience. Maybe someone will be useful …
I specially bought ATV1 to use with my old TV.
Downloaded the installer and installed the version 2017.08-1-HDD.
Small and funny problem
After loading, the logo appeared and the black screen went on.
Several re-installations did not give a positive result. I scan the network, there is a resource named OSMC. I test ping - ok. I am connected to OSMC ip from http. Set high resolution, which my old TV does not support (I have Philips only HD Ready). I change the resolution to 1280x720p - everything is ok.

I install and testing many different plug-ins, skins and extensions and the speed of ATV1 performance dropped and can not useble. (Can only with coffee between pressing the buttons :))

I reinstall everything from scratch.
we put only the necessary:

  • movies and series from a network resource (SMB)
  • Multiple IPTV channels (PVR IPTV Simple Client)
  • Youtube
  • Megogo TV provider.
  • Weather from Gismeteo.
    It’s all I need.

I cleared the list of IP channels in my m3u list. For some reason, Apple TV1 was rebooting when trying to view links like: (with /UDP/ )
I can not understand what the problem is (everything works well on the computer)?

I set control over HTTP disable. (I hope this will reduce the load).
Analyzed through the SSH (command top) and came to the conclusion that the size of the SWAP file is not enough.
Increased the size of the SWAP file:
----- /usr/bin/performance_tuner -----

Set up swap file if required

MEMORY=$(cat /proc/meminfo | grep MemTotal | awk {‘print $2’})

if [ -f /enable_swap ] || [ “$MEMORY” -lt 262144 ]
if [ ! -f /swap ]
dd if=/dev/zero of=/swap1 bs=1M count=256
chmod 0600 /swap1
mkswap /swap1
if [ “$OPTION_FILESYSTEM” = “nfs” ]
losetup /dev/loop0 /swap1
mkswap /dev/loop0
swapon /dev/loop0
swapon /swap1
----- /usr/bin/performance_tuner -----
Not very nice, but works.

I chose standart Kodi skins.

I add file “advancedsettings.xml” with setting from this post:

In the end, I got a completely workable device.

My future plans:
I ordered a decoder in China (Crystal HD BCM70015). While waiting. I’m worried that judging by the forum will have to put a more early release OSMC.
I plan to replace HDD with SSD.

Thank you for attention.

You will need to use 2017.01-1 or earlier to take advantage of the CrystalHD card. At the cost invested, it may not be worth using the Apple TV. Unfortunately spending more money on it seems like a subscription to the sunk cost fallacy to me.


sam_nazarko, thanks for the answer. Whether correctly I understand, the last version with support Crystal HD - 2017.01-1-HDD (I did not find earlier)?
I understand that ATV1 is yesterday. But I’m satisfied with its speed (after all my improvements). Consider it “just for fun”.
I do not really understand the race for frequency CPU, memory size, etc. My childhood was connected wiith ZX Speccy (3.5Mhz, 48 kB RAM), here it was really programmers :slight_smile: