My tentative Home Theater installation : feedbacks needed

Hello to you all,

After reading a lot of information on this forum, I am almost ready to change my installation to a Vero 4K+. But before making this last step, you might be able to give me some feedbacks.

Issues with my current setup : I have a mac mini 2018 connected on the TV Sony AF8 (the mac mini is both player and server of contents). Everything is working fine with Kodi 17 Krypton, my only problem is that I have to manually activate (and desactivate each time) HDR content on the TV, the auto switch isn’t working. With Kodi 18, HDR isn’t working properly with the mac mini at all.

Here is the set up I have in mind. I am focused on image quality, sound is not my prerequisite (thin walls with baby’s room). And I need a wife proof set up (ON, OFF, PLAY)

My target set up :

Display : TV : Sony AF8 (4K HDR)
NAS Synology DS 218+ with Plex Media Server on it
Vero 4K+ connected by HDMI to TV and by ethernet to NAS.
I want Kodi 18 Leia with PlexKodiConnect (to display content from the Plex Media Server).

My main question would be around HDR content, will the HDR TV auto switch work with the VERO 4K+?

Hopefully, I’m clear!!

my configuration is quite similar to yours and you can expect everything to work - also the autoswitch

BTW - you can ditch Plex if you want to - you don’t really need it anymore with the vero

I use the Vero with a Plex server, plexkodiconnect and a Panasonic HDR TV. No issues with HDR switching and UHD playback

Thank you,
Do you use kodi 18? Pms is Through a nas or hd?

Thank you Rito, what do you mean ditching Plex? Using kodi only for media server?

If you use Plex only work to with Kodi you would not need it anymore. If you have other clients that use the Plex server you can or must keep it of course.

What I meant was: Kodi or the Vero do not need Plex, but I think you know that already.

I also use Plex, but only because of the SubZero plugin - haven’t found anything better for subtitles yet. Bazarr is quite promising, but it still has some way to go to overtake SubZero

I run PMS on a Linux server and the most up to date Kodi on OSMC.
As rito_bear says, if you are only wanting to play back media on the Vero I wouldn’t bother with plex.
If you are looking to play back media on a variety of devices and keep everything nicely synced then Plex is awesome.

Plex is a great way to keep all your media syncronised, it also means if you have to wipe your Vero clean you don’t need to do anything other than install plexkodiconnect and your library is back again!

Mezzmo is an alternative option to Plex and has, in my opinion, a more flexible database content management structure. Plex has some other benefits for Live TV that Mezzmo doesn’t have yet. I’ve been running Mezzmo for many years with a multitude of clients include Vero, LibreElec, Android, web and more. I don’t know if Mezmo has a NAS version yet or not. I run a dedicated media server due to the size of my library.