My TV loses the signal of Kodi every time after switching it off

I have a Vero 4k with the latest patch but this problem is not something new but it wasn’t there from the beginning that’s sure. It just didn’t bothered me enough until just now. So basically every time I switch off the TV ( LG C7 ) it loses the signal on HDMI4 where it is. After turning the TV on I get no signal there anymore. I can still reach the Vero via SSH. To get the signal again I need to restart it by plugging out and in.
The setup is the following.
Vero 4k -> LG C7 via HDMI to HDMI4
and also
Vero 4k -> RX-V379 via optical cable -> LG C7 via HDMI to HDMI2

My AVR doesn’t support HDR is the reason why the Vero 4k is connected to the TV directly to transfer video.
The audio is transferred via optical cable to the AVR.

So anyone can help me to solve this problem with the signal losing ?

Thank you

Go to Settings -> Display -> HPD Lock and reboot with the TV on.



Dude you are awesome I wish I’ve posted this sooner.
Giving me a solution under a minute !
Nice service :slight_smile:

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I’m glad that this is now solved. As always, if you have a question, it’s best to ask as soon as an issue arises.


Why are you using an optical cable when your TV and AVR both support ARC which will give you the exact same audio signal? The CEC implementation by LG (at least what i’ve seen in mine) is a bit overly aggressive. When you set the TV to optical it has a tendency to switch itself back to ARC when it sees it show back up and kind of makes a mess of things with the input assignments between the TV and AVR. You may find if you switch over to using ARC instead you may not need the HPD lock to be set.

Because I need my AVR in the setup to be able to use my 5.1 speakers and I can not transfer the video signal from the Vero 4K via HDMI directly to the AVR as it doesn’t support HDR. So I’m using the optical out on the Vero 4K to transfer only the audio.

ARC allows the audio to go from your Vero, through the TV, into your AVR, over the HDMI cables. The capabilities of regular ARC (ie not eARC) are exactly the same as optical S/PDIF. You would lose no audio capabilities.