My Vero 2 is Wobbly


Just got my Vero 2 and unpacked it and I love it but the unit is wobbly and if I turn it around I can see that one of the supporting edges is not on the same height as the other three if I look at the packaging I cant see any damage so my guess is it was done to the unit before packaging possibly at the asamble stage.
I can see that you have put a sticker on it to detect if I open it so I dont want to open it and then my warranty is gone.
Please tell me if you want me to post pictures on the box.

Is there anything I can do to fix it?


We get this question from time to time. The front left foot is meant to be slightly receded. This is to provide some passive ventilation to the device. The device won’t wobble if you don’t put any pressure on it.

Please see this example Vero which should look the same.

If you boot the Vero up, you should find it is working OK (functional). If your packaging has no damage, then you should be good.


Ok thank you and you are right its not wobbly if I dont put pressure on it.
I was afraid it was something wrong with it.
Thank you for your fast answer :slight_smile:

No problem – it is good to have peace of mind, especially when it’s a new product.

I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile: