My Vero 4k died

hi everyone, my vero 4k died suddenly while I am using it

I can’t give you Logs so I can only write what I was doing at the time :

created a second profile and then went to my osmc to check for an update and indeed there is one, so when the device goes back after the update
i attached a USB 3.0 Hub and plug 2 hard drive 1 is already set as move library so i went to video section to add the other drive, when i set the folder as move it starts to scan for move and that when it happens, it stopped working i waited 5 min and then unplug the power and waited 30 min and plug again nothing happens it just died .

I am really sad because it is a good little device,

I think I need a replacement., my order is #13534

When you say it stops working, what do you see on screen?

Kodi may be crashing. The system may still be responsive however. This would indicate a corrupt file in your library

I don’t see anything in the screen and there is no light on the device , if it is a Kodi problem it will show a sadface if it’s a library problem I think I can start the device at least
But no its dead I tried plugin it in another socket but no luck

Do you have another 5V, 2A power supply?
Please check it’s not 12V and the specifications are exact.


hi sam ,
good news the problem is from the power supply

now how can i find the same power supply i did not find it in the store only for Raspberry Pi


I’ll get you a new PSU out tomorrow morning. Please recycle the old one.

Hi sam ,
i didn’t receive anything .?

Sorry to hear that. The replacement is showing as delivered. It may be difficult to investigate the original item’s delivery, so if you can confirm your address is still valid I will re-ship it tomorrow morning.

yes my address is still valid
and i hope you give me shipment tracking .

I’ve now pushed another replacement so this will be out first thing tomorrow.

Delivery confirmation (on an individual basis) can be tricky to your country.
In the interim, you try and ask for the item at your local post office?

If you end up with two power supplies, you have a spare :slight_smile: