My vero switch off alone


I don’t know why but since today, my Vero switch off alone…

My log

Who coul’d tell me why ?



I don’t really understand the question.

Are you French?

Can you write the question in French?


I’m french :smiley:

Depuis ce matin, mon Vero s’éteint tout seul et je ne sais pas pourquoi…

Qui peut me dire pourquoi ?


Well, we assume this is some overheating situation since we see some signs of thermal management in the logs. Unfortunately the previous kernel logs (which could prove and show the root cause for the shutdown) are lost on reboot since the OSMC devices do not have persistent kernel logs active by default.

Some questions:

  • What has changed? You state this occurs since yesterday?
  • How familiar you are using ssh access to the box? We could give you instructions to activate persistent kernel logs and might be able to catch some more information?
  • I see you are using skin aeonmq8? Just a speculation but could you try another skin like OSMC for 1-2 days to check whether the issue disappears without aeon?