My Vero V rarely plays streams from a remote UPnP command

I’d appreciate help of any sort…
I have PLEX media server running on a Synology NAS.
Until the vero was purchased, I was playing back on a Raspberry pi in my lounge running Rasplex.
I also have a Raspberry pi in the bedroom running OSMC.
Both of the above devices accept streams from either UPnPlay or BubbleUPnP Android apps.
The Vero V is now in the kitchen, but if I push a film to it I just get the OSMC logo in the centre of screen spinning and that’s all it does. I have also added the Plex TV and Film libraries to the OSMC on the vero and tried browsing directly thus removing the Android link, but still no joy.
Are there some logs I can inspect/upload somewhere?
It’s all very odd since the bedroom pi is quite happy to play and it’s using OSMC also.

Oh, I titled this ‘rarely’ since it has on occasion started playing after about 10 minutes of waiting.
thanks for reading this far - heeeelp :slight_smile:

For the Plex issue I would try, in the settings that are accessed inside Plex for Kodi at the top right, enable to allow insecure connections on local network. That seems to help sometimes. You might also check to see if it is trying to transcode if your NAS lacks the ability to utilize hardware transcoding. If that is the issue make sure in those same settings you enable direct play and allowing the other options.

As for the logs you can find more information at the following…

Well, thank you for the response.
Because I never needed Plex for Kodi on the OSMC in the bedroom, I assumed it wasn’t a required component. I’ve installed it now and can at least use the Plex interface directly on the Vero V to play things. Interestingly, I can control the playing stream from my mobile once it plays. I can pause, play, stop, jump timecodes and control the volume!
It still however just hangs if I use my mobile and UPnPlay or Bubble to initially select and play a title. I’m assuming transcoding isn’t the issue since the local interface plays everything just fine…?
The renderer that the UPnP apps see hasn’t changed since the plex installation - it’s still Kodi.
So i’m thinking I have a compatibility issue somewhere between the Plex server and OSMC itself and will need to delve into logs for clues.
I shall read up on how to get help with logs, and hopefully get this figured out.

Thanks again for the suggestions.

Installing the Plex add-on isn’t required to use UPnP in Kodi. Kodi itself supports being a UPnP client and server if you enable the options. Why it is failing on UPnP playback it is hard to speculate, but I’m not sure why you would want to use it if all your media is already scraped both directly and through Plex.