MyOSMC is missing in main menu

Hi there,

See topic.
I can only get to it via Apps, left on the remote, Programm addons, MyOSMC.
I am on the osmc skin.

Sam asked me to provide logs - which ones would you need? Is a reboot needed to fill the logs?

Note beside: there is also a search menu item which does nothing… Not sure if that’s supposed to be?

OSMC Skin is configurable quite easy in Settings, have you looked there?

Well @sam_nazarko asked for logs and a photo of what you see on the screen.
For the logs details follow @ooZee info but please also upload picture.

Just wanted to make sure if you would need a full log for this “problem”.
What photo would you want? Of the main menu?

Yes, main screen

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OK, here there are…

Please have a look at Settings/Interface/Skin/-Configure skin…/Home/Customize home menu. There you’ll find the option Restore original home menu items. This option should offer you My OSMC as a restorable item…

Hope that helps. :+1:t2:


That worked, thanks!

Good to hear :slightly_smiling_face: