MyOSMC on Krypton

I upgraded to Krypton yesterday, which went smoothly (although my music library had to be rescanned??), but I cannot fint the MyOSMC button anymore? A choice or an ommision?

Which skin are you using?
Have you checked if the addon is enabled?

Music Library is extended significantly in Krypton therefore rescan.

I tried both the Default Kodi and Confluence skins. It wás enabled before the upgrade.
To be honest, I was not aware it was a add-on. Your remark made me look under Programs, and there it was. :slight_smile:
Just relocated. Thanks for the tip!!!

And thanks for the info about the rescanning. :smiley:

After the upgrade you should initially had the new OSMC Skin which still has MyOSMC on the main menu.

I default use Confluence… And previously it was in there too…