MYSQL and advancedsetttings.xml problem

I guys, i’ve been using always Raspbmc, almost since the first builds.
I recently bought the new Raspberry Pi B 2, and as it was more powerful i decided to give OSMC a chance. First of all, thanks Sam for the hard work, it seems very nice.

I’ve made a backup with Raspbmc and a Restore in OSMC to get all my addons. Everything was working just right … until today.
Today o switched on my OSMC and there are no TV SHOWS nor MOVIES, i just can’t see my library. First thing i did, was to see if everything was right in ‘advancedsettings.xml’, and all the configurations are the same.
I thouht it could be a MYSQL problem, so i restarted the PC that as the library and still i’ve got no library.
By the way, stills works fine on the main PC, on my notebook and om my other Pi that still has RASPBMC.
I’ve uploaded a log, but i can’t tell if there is any kind of problem, the log is here:

If some one could help i apreciate very much.
thank is advance,

You have a syntax error in your advancedsettings.xml which is causing the whole file to be ignored:

10:07:13 T:1956855808   ERROR: Error loading special://profile/advancedsettings.xml, Line 29
                                            Error reading end tag.

The problem appears to be a missing forward slash in the closing tag here:


Fix that and you should be ok again.

Thank you very much, especially for the trouble i just noticed also and i was coming here just now to tell that i’ve found the problem.

Thanks DBMandrake and sorry for such a stupid error :frowning: