MYSQL connection creates mymusic82 and myvideos119


As I am going through MySQL training, I thought it would be neat to have some data to work with that actually exists and has a purpose, so I set about building a MySQL database and connecting OSMC on RPi to this DB.

It connects, but creates two new databases - ‘mymusic82’ and ‘myvideos119’ and does not attempt to use the DBs I created and setup in the GUI and checked to be correct in advancedsettings.xml - ‘mymusic’ and ‘myvideos’.

There must be some process that creates these DBs, they are always the same names, even if I remove all DBs on the server and restart the OSMC image, these two, named that way, are created. Also, the service simply does not use the existing DBs as specified, even when given all permissions.

Is there a more in-depth guide to this (suitable for MySQL noobs)? Obviously something is happening that I don’t understand.

Many thanks in advance - I did search for the DB names as it seems pretty consistent and the MySQL posts here are about connections and permissions which don’t seem to be a problem for me.

mymusic and myvideos are just the base of the Databasename. Kodi adds a number to it aligned with the corresponding Database structure linked to the respective Kodi Version. See this table

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That’s super helpful to know. I guess I should NOT change the db name in the connector to the full name in the case an upgrade comes along one day?

Many thanks

Correct you should not touch the database name structure as with a major Version Upgrade of Kodi it would migrate it to the new name/structure.

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Perfect, thank you very much for the quick response.

All the best for your day, mate.