MySQL Library over Wifi

I have upgraded to Raspberry Pi2 so decided to give OSMC a go. So Far I love it. I run an ubuntu box with Kodi under my living room tv and use that as the master. I have the Pi behind a TV in the bedroom which connects to the master’s MySQL database.

The pi doenst seem to connect to the library and I am seeing errors in the log file saying it was unable to connect to the MySQL server. When i run a restart “sudo systemctl restart mediacenter”, Kodi restarts and connects to the database server fine. I think it may be to do with it trying to connect to the database before the WiFi has initialized. Is there a workaround for this?

I have seen some other posts editing /etc/init/xbmc.conf so it will not boot kodi until wifi connection is established, but this no longer exists in OSMC (I assume due to the way you have customised the OS).

Perhaps using wake-on-access will solved your issue
using wake-on-access/wake-on-lan

We’ll add an option to wait for network before starting soon


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I have 2 profiles on my setup – 1 setup with a local storage and the other setup with a remote MySQL database and NFS mounts. I set Kodi to boot to the login screen, and as long as the network connection (and VPN link in my case) comes up before I log into the profile that uses the MySQL db, there isn’t a problem. Maybe you can use the login screen as a workaround for the time being.

this would be great.
but please add also an option to check if ** local ** mysql-db is already running.
this is also a problem on bootup which needs to handle.

Thanks for the workarounds. I shall try them untill osmc debs work their magic to add an official workaround