MySQL path using fstab and windows

I have my movies on a synology nas and use MySQL. I’m new to Linux but managed to get fstab setup properly using one of the guides. I also have a windows machine. I copied the advancedsettigs.xml file from the windows machine to the Vero 4K which seems to be ok for the MySQL database. My issue is when using fstab it says to use the path starting with /mnt from the riot directory. When I do this it overwrites the database when updating the library. When I go to the windows machine all my artwork is missing and it thinks the video files are missing. Now if I use the same path inside Kodi on both machines starting with nfs: I’m fine. Everything I’ve read on this forum says to use the fstab path for best performance on the Vero. Is there a way to set the path so they won’t overwrite each other bit to ensure fstab is being used on the Vero? Do I need to use fstab on the windows machine if that is even possible?

Use path substitution to align the path between both systems and the mysql database