Mysql suddenly lost some of my files

About two weeks ago my Vero V appeared to have lost a number of videos. For example, I previously had all episodes of Friends and now I only have two seasons.

I’m using Mysql and it appears from the logs that the VeroV is using MyVideos121. When I enter Mysql and enter the following command, I get listed all the episodes of Friends (Friends idshow is 46):

select idepisode, idfile, c00, strpath from episode_view where idshow = 46;

I can access all episodes of Friends using the File Manager on OSMC and scrolling to the Hard Drive. It plays fine, as you’ll see on the attached log.

But I can’t figure out why these episodes (and other items) no longer show up in the library.

Any Ideas?

Logs (slightly edited):

Is the view currently set to unwatched only view? If you hold down the OK/enter/select button on your OSMC remote (or change the option from the slideout menu) when your in the library view do the missing items show up again?


That’s exactly what it was! Thanks.

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