Mysql sync issues between OSMC & Kodi


My setup is a Pi4 running OSMC with a HDD connected via USB. A mix of Pi 3 and Vero 4K + are set up to sync with it via mysql. All are running latest Jan 2023 version of OSMC.

My current issue is when trying to sync with the main OSMC server on a PC based Kodi install.

I’m using the exact same advancedsettings.xml and sources.xml that I use when setting up a new OSMC install as well as the thumbnails folder and textures13.db file, all copied to the correct locations in my profile’s userdata folder. I also delete the MyMusic and MyVideo db files.

When I start Kodi with these files in place, the video library is several weeks out of date. If I run an update the latest additions will show up, however as I know from my Pi based OSMC installs this shouldn’t be necessary and I will be required to run two updates every time I add media to the server. Contrary to this, the music library is completely up to date.

Looking at the log file the only warning I can see which might explain this is…
“warning : VIDEO database configuration is experimental.”

Is this likely to be because I have Kodi version 20.0 installed and the databases are currently incompatible?

Any confirmation of this or other ideas I can try much appreciated. Note, I have already tried a fresh install of Kodi on a new Windows profile.

P.S. I’m aware this is sounding more like a Kodi issue that OSMC but I’d just like to be sure before I head over there asking for help!

Yes – this is your problem.

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Not quite “incompatible” but rather different databases entirely. When Kodi updates to a new major version it copies the old database and updates it to a new one. Each database gets a new number as outlined [here]. What you probably want to do is uninstall the Kodi version you have now that you installed from Microsoft’s store and download a Windows install file from Kodi’s website for Matrix. This will bring everything back in sync. Additionally you will want to drop the 121 database from MySQL sometime before you update your various players. By doing this it will make it so when you update intentionally to Nexus you will get the most current data from your existing library.

If for some reason you want to access both versions of Kodi at the same time from a PC you can do a portable install as outlined [here].

Thanks for the confirmation, Sam. Mysql working between latest OSMC and Kodi 19.5.

Thanks for the info. No need to run both versions thankfully but if you could explain what dropping the 121 DB entails, that’d be really useful.

I was under the impression when OSMC updated to v20.0 it would automatically update mysql dbs to the latest version, or do I have my wires crossed?

Thanks again!

You can use some method to interact with the MySQL database and the term for deleting something is “drop”. I personally use a program called HeidiSQL which is a relatively simple GUI. Using that program you just give it the same IP address and credentials that you use in your advancedsettings.xml and it brings up a screen that shows the various databases. You will see one named (something)119 and that is your database that Kodi 19.x uses. You will see another named (something)121 and that is what Kodi 20.x uses. You can right click on the 121 one and select the “drop” option to delete this database. This is functionally the same as deleting the individual SQLite .db files you found in your userdata.

The first time you ran Kodi 20 it went looking for a 121 database and when it didn’t find it, it opened your existing 119 database and made a copy. At this point the two databases are completely separate and Kodi will not look for any updated information from the older database. Assuming that you want your library updates and watched status from the point when you actually start using Nexus on everything, and not when Windows updated Kodi, then you need to get rid of the 121 database so a new conversation will happen in the future with fresh information.

I’m with you. Thanks for the clear explanation.

I’ve used HeidiSQL before to edit some MP3 tag info. Have to confess I updated to Nexus manually though, I’ll cool my jets and be patient for the next OSMC release now.