So I’ve always had trouble with mysql and kodi itself, thought I’d give it a try with latest OSMC(i had to reinstall OSMC cos I was unable to exit out of mysql setup inside settings) …ive setup mysql and OSMC from scratch… ive done the settings withing OSMC for sql. I didnt check to import any states, to start from scratch, so if I redo OSMC should I check import states and leave them checked when i setup mysql? Was wondering if anyone has been through this.

Import watched status is only needed if you have exported the library to files.

If you “redo” OSMC you should not need to import anything as it is still in the MySQL db and you will be able to pick up from exactly where you left off.

As a recent MySQL Koid db convert, I can both confirm that this works and that the benefits of MySQL when it comes to getting up and running quickly cannot be overstated.