Mythtv Recording playback issue

I’m having palyback issue with my MythTv recording on OSMC (RPi2), see log attached, I have 2 RPi2 and one works fine but not the other, it just started today. I can access other video file without a problem but all MythTv records have very choppy playback almost like it’s buffering.

While I am a bit confused by the “i just started today” Your MythTv records are original TS streams (MPEG2). Therefore the question would be if you have installed the MPEG licences on both raspberries?
Also the “choppiness” would might be impacted by the video content and therefore only appear today (on a particular video that you recorded today).

Yes they both have the MPEG licenses enabled, it all recorded videos on only one RPi. I also re-installed OSMC and added the license to OSMC config.

I think I’ve found my problem, it appears to be network related, test my other RPi on the same network connection and I had the same issue, it may be a bad switch.