N00b need Help - USB Swap Partition and SSH Root

Hello from Germany.

I have only a few days ago a Raspi2 and have installed OSMC on a usb stick.
Now I wanted to optimize the Using and the Speed of OSMC.
For this I created a swap partition on the USB stick.
But I do not know how I can mount these, or OSMC have to use the swap partition.

Under /etc/fstab I tried to integrate the partiton with /dev/sdb2 and via UUID.
But after a reboot and over SSH i typed mount and there is no mounted swap.
So how can i configure and mount my Swap Part.


Don’t use swap on Pi 2.
Also USB is not much faster now; so better to use a good SD card.

A swap file will not increase the speed it will reduce the speed. Unless you install many additional memory eating programs no need for a swap anyhow (you always can check your free memory with free -m

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