Name of strm file changes after playing, why?

I have a video store containing several folders with mp4 videos. It is shared to OSMC Kodi using samba.
The videos are downloaded files and I navigate to the different videos using the Files view.
I have also created a Streams folder where I keep filename.strm files for various on-line sources so they can be viewed in real time via Kodi.

But there is a strange issue that nags me and I would like to know how I can stop it:

  • I navigate to the Steams folder and select one of the files there by the file name
  • It plays fine until I am done and push the Stop button
  • Now back in the Kodi folder view the item just viewed has changed its name!
  • It is now shown as “index.m3u8” or similar rather than filename.strm as it was before playing it.
  • If I back off to the previous folder and then re-enter the Streams folder the original filename is again shown. Likewise if I select another strm file for playing and then stop it the changed name appears on this file but the previously played file gets its name back again.

Why is this and how can I fix it?