Naming convention for new releases

How does the naming convention for new releases work?

  • The first “April update” was released in May.
  • The first “May update” was released in June.
  • Now that it’s already 28 June, presumably the first “June update” will be released in July?

If you’re behind by a month each time, why not skip a month and call the next one the July update?

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It’s the month in which the work was done. It doesn’t matter if the release is a couple of days late. The aim is for a Sunday usually. Prior to this, almost all updates are delivered on time. 29/31 updates have been delivered on time, so the existing versioning scheme makes sense to me.

It can be difficult to plan things for an exact timeframe however.

The updates are explained clearly and in detail on the Wiki.

It’s good that you’ve fixed the network issue you had that prevented updates. Did you figure out what it was?

It was never my network issue – in other words it was never something that was in my power to fix. It was a problem somewhere inside Virgin Media’s network infrastructure. A couple of weeks ago, after an internet outage of about half an hour, I immediately tested the connection to OSMC using the HTTP URL. At that point the redirection worked correctly. So clearly Virgin Media made some kind of change at that time which ended up fixing the problem in their network.

Thanks for clarifying. I haven’t heard anything from other affected users so indeed suspect that this issue is resolved.