Naming of video files/folders for library

I’ve read thru several posts and the Kodi wiki on the proper naming of video/files movies.

First question is the proper name to name the parent folder. The Kodi wiki says to name it “Movies 1”, but I’ve read in some posts that it’s been named “All video content”. Does it matter what the name is in order for the scraper to name properly?

Does the library scraoe artwork for Movie collections and does it allow for "chronological order?

Example: Movies 1>Blu-Ray>Avengers Collection>Iron man (2008)>Iron man (2008).mkv
-----------------------------4k movies>Matrix collection>Matrix (1999)>Matrix (1999).mkv
-----------------------------Disney movies>The Lion King (1994)>The Lion King (1994).mkv

Will the library generate artwork for the folders “Avengers collection” and “Matrix collection”



I would like to keep the “Avengers collection” in chronological order. How should I name or set up folders to do this?

Do the parent “Movie 1” folder and the sub folders “Blu-Ray”, “4k movies” and “Disney movies” need artwork? Do these folders even show up?

I have artwork for Parent and sub folders like these:


You really should be asking such a question on the Kodi forums. The behavior and function is completely dependent on Kodi and OSMC has no bearing.

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Hopefully someone here has some experience or suggestions with this, if not I’ll try Kodi forum.

It’s not that we can’t answer the questions, but rather there is already a ton of information over on the Kodi forums and people there that can easily point you to the solutions, which are also on the Kodi forums. You are talking about clear art, adding universes, probably node editor to branch out stuff like 3d, etc. and it is more than what this forum is really designed to address.