NanoPi M4 running OSMC possible?

Hey all

I put OSMC on a Raspberyy Pi Zero W about a month back and found it was too slow for serious HPTV purposes. I found the Vero 4K a bit expensive so ended up grabbing a NanoPi M4, which seemed like it could serve my intended purposes, but I’m not sure whether I can even install OSMC on this thing.

Anyone know why I would or wouldn’t be able to? Worried about messing something up.

It’s probably not supported. Can you install Raspbian on it? If you can you may be able to use OSMC, but it’s totally unsupported. Why not just get a Pi3? Looks like it’s about the same price.

I actually got a Pi3 but I didn’t think it’d be able to handle x265 decoding, ended up refunding it and getting the NanoPi M4. :<

If you added the options to the NanoPi that the Vero 4K comes with, like power supply, same memory and same eMMC storage the price comes up to about $80. Not much savings over a 4K +.

The Vero 4K is 119 UKP, which is currently 214.06 AUD.

I paid 106.98 AUD for NanoPi M4 with Heat sink, power adapter, and eMMC module.

They both have 2GB DDR3 RAM. Not really sure how the CPUs compare. But in any case, I didn’t really wanna fork out for the Vero 4K. NanoPi M4 seemed like a better deal to me.

it’s a Rockchip SoC, so not supported by OSMC currently

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