NAS drive. accessing HD from the TV

I’m, too, new at this RSPi thingy.
I HAD Seagate Central, 2G HD, which was connected to my router. My LG TV was connected to the router as well and I could access the HD and watch movies.
Recently, the Seagate died.
I took the HD itself and connected it to RSPi, running KODY using sata-to-usb. Formatted it (mkfs.ntfs), got some partition error, remove all partitions (fdisk) and got the drive available at /media/
From my PC, running Windows 7, I can access the HD by typing \my-osmc and not by just double clicking on the Seagte Icon I had in my_computer/Network
And last, the TV can see my-osmc as media device but cannot see any file on it
I looked for idea in the forum: changed access with CHMOD, mounted the drive, looked for NAS drive… nothing change the above.
Any help, what to do, to enable the TV access the HD

Check that you enable UPNP sharing in Services and have added the folders to your library

I intalled SAMBA. It’s UPNP impementation according to
my guess is “something with path definition”

Yes, ensure it is enabled under settings - > services

I looked into settings and enabling services
It looks promising
unfortunatly, I thought of using NTFS and tried to format the HD and now I can’t continue
I am unable to mount it or to reverse the process
I’ll try all the above when I’ll restore access to the HD

Maneged to format the HD with NTFS system. mounting and sharing it
I added DLNA service (miniDLNA)
The TV now can connect to the HD and access the files as before