NAS Not Detected By Vero

I recently bought and setup a Vero 4K+ with an Asustor NAS connected directly to the ethernet on Vero, but can’t seem to locate/mount the NAS.

I’ve done a reinstall/reformat of both the NAS and Vero.
I’ve tried through both NFS and SMB, the paths of neither of which connect through.
Connecting the NAS to a Windows PC, it shows up and I can manage it.

Any help or directions would be appreciated

You mean you connect the NAS with a single cable directly to the Vero without a Router, Switch or any other device?

Yep, NAS single cable straight to Vero ethernet

That probably won’t work unless you create manual IP address on both NAS and Vero and have a special cable.

More common is the use of a switch, which will connect with normal UTP cabling NAS and Vero together.

Next to that there need to be a device which will deliver both devices an IP address, otherwise they will not follow each other.

Do you have internet connection in your house via a router, create a cable from the router to the switch and from there connect both Vero and nas and they probably will find each other.

If you don’t want to be connected to internet with Vero and nas, then you have to arrange DHCP on your NAS to provide Vero with IP address in same range. Disadvantage of not having Vero and Nas connected to Internet will be not able to download updates on the devices themselves and always have to update them manually via USB sticks. For NAS that might work, for Vero i don’t think that will work, unless you reinstall the updates every time, but then you will loose every time all your settings.

I think @mtv wrote most of what I would have said. Surely you can make a link only IP address for the Vero and the NAS but it would be a quite strange setup. Please let us know which NAS you have and what is the overall design you have in mind so that we can advice.

You may need to use a static IP and crossover cable as others have suggested.

Are you also connecting this directly to the NAS, or using a switch inbetween?