Nas Synology Install Nagiosxi

I try to use Nagiosxi (free editon limited to 7 hosts) to admin my local network with my Synology NAS 2415+.
I try the docker solution
basicly it’s works, but needs some fine tunings. I think update the directory structure of the docker container configurtion it’s perhaps the solution, but needs some works, and some discussions.
Also if “people” is interested to take a look.

If somebody is interesting the synology docker nagiosxi image

After you need to search a “little” bit to understand. And is a very good look to your home office network.
But nagios 7 hosts is basicly 7 nodes ( hosts, switchs, routers etc), not enough,I ask Nagios(xi) for “low home office” licence solutions.
Otherwhere you can fall back to the open source Nagios software.

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