Nearly cancelled my Vero 2 order, sorry I doubted OSMC

Firstly, I’m in no way affiliated with OSMC, just an average end user.

Well, I finally received my Vero 2 a couple of weeks ago having previously run an ATV1 with Crystalbuntu, a Cubox i4 pro with various levels of success on several builds and an Amazon Fire TV with pretty good results sidloading Kodi and Firestarter.

With the Vero 2 being delayed I nearly cancelled my order but stuck in there hoping it would be worth it - thankfully it is.

A friend has just bought a “top of the range” Zoomtak box running Android. I’ve had a go with it and it feels full of bloatware and very laggy. Worse still is the playback quality when loading up shows or films I’ve watched on Kodi through either my Amazon Fire or Vero 2. He’s on a fibre 70+Mbps internet connection so it’s entirely down the hardware/software of his box.

To be honest, I’m shocked. The specs for his Droidbox out spec the Vero 2 in every conceivable department but it’s awful and the remote control is poor quality and not very responsive. Having come off the back of a Fire TV (box rather than a stick and with the older Bluetooth remote) I’m fussy as the Fire remote takes a lot of beating. To me the Amazon Bluetooth remote is sheer perfection but the OSMC remote isn’t far behind.

Anyway, I’m thankful I didn’t cancel that order now! My Vero 2 is here to stay - or at least until the Vero 3 comes out.

Good stuff. I’m glad you’re happy with it.

I’ve no idea what a Zoomtak is, but my concerns when buying new hardware are usually vendor support (how long will they maintain the device for), and also whether those on-paper specs are truly utilised.


The Vero 2 is great, more to the point OSMC is a great streamlined OS for the Vero 2 hardware as Kodi feels snappy and responsive as well as the quality playback.

One very minor question at the moment, is there any way to turn off the blue LED? It’s so bright I’ve had to put a strip of insulation tape over it.

It’s coming

:scream: sorry

I hadn’t seen that post, looks like insulation tape is the go to solution at present!!